Saturday, June 30, 2018

Remember when the mailman walked door to door?

Starting a new project documenting the great post offices, built in towns across the country. They were the most important building in the community. When the United States was founded they immediately picked Benjamin Franklin to be the postmaster/ The post office was how the government got the news about invasion and disaster.

The buildings often housed both post office and government courthouse along with other offices. These multi-functional buildings were unique and have changed over the years. Photos are needed to show their grandeur and how they are used today. Some are hotels, restaurants, libraries, school buildings and more.

Researching about the post office reminded me how during the Spring Break my senior year at the University of Missouri, I drove to Chicago to be a guest photographer for a suburban chain of weeklies. One of the stories was a picture page on a mailman who instead of being chased or attacked by dogs along his route, the pets loved to follow him and protect him.

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  1. Nice work, the post office is "there and not there" for so many Americans. We need to see it before it's taken from us.