Friday, May 25, 2018

Look close and see the flowers.

in the spring I like seeing the native plants come back, the wildflowers filling up empty fields, alongside the road and in nature preserves. With my macro lens I can get very close, but have to remember that there is a very limited depth-of-field, area sharp and in focus, and the flower may be moving in the wind blowing it in and out of focus. Some photographers simply find the easiest way is to pick the flower and photograph it without having to fight the wind.

I went to our local nature preserve in the city and couldn't resist taking some photos. Not just flowers, grasses and even had to take a photo of the trash. When I go to the park, I have to take a plastic bag with me to collect trash I find along the trail.

Beauty at Southwest Nature Preserve in Arlington TX
The plastic beast invading nature.

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