Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Do newspapers preserve memories?

As a news photographer you were thinking about making the deadline for the next days newspaper. Reporters have complained about how their articles were only read on the day of publication and after that the paper was only used to "wrap fish with."

Maybe for words,

The photograph is more objective, capturing a unique moment and enables the viewer to see: the people, study their dress, look at faces, environment, etc. This then brings back their own memories, or maybe helps understand the life of parents during WWII. Better understand articles reflecting on historic moments. See grandparents alive and smiling.

I was talking to a friend show commented on how she helped friends at weddings by photographing all the guests. Saying how the photo of the couple getting married was nice, but that couple would like to see and remember who came to the wedding. Interesting, who came to your wedding?

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